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Safety Couplings

Safety Couplings for Direct Drives

The safety couplings for direct drives are a combination of our long term prooved and optimized torque limiting systems and a coupling element which can compensate misalignment between the driving and the driven shaft.

Within a wide range users can choose different versions with metal - bellows or servo-inserts (spiders).

For the safety and overload protection of indirect drives we do offer a wide range of torque limiters with integrated ball bearing or bush bearings. Pulleys, sprockets, pinions or customized parts can be assembled directly on the coupling flanges with a high accuracy.


Torque Limiters with Metal Bellows


Torque Limiters with Bush Bearings


Torque Limiters with Servo Inserts


Torque Limiters with Ball Bearings

The torque transmission is automatically interrupted within 2 - 5ms after having succeeded the maximum torque.

All KBK - torque limiters are steplessly variable within the minimum and the maximum of the torque range of each coupling.

The following disengagement mechanisms can be chosen:

  • Single - position (version C), the safety coupling will reengage precisely 360° from the original disengagement position

  • Multi - position (version D), coupling reengages at multiple set angular intervals (e.g. 45°, 60°)

  • Blocked (version G), coupling disengages in case of overload but keeps transmitting the torque

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